The phrase “Undead Monkey” got stuck in Gymshoes’ head. Or maybe stuck to the sole of her Shoes. She got the blog name on impulse with the idea of Undead Monkey being a band name for projects she collaborates on with other people since Gymshoes music is solo (albeit with a guest vocalist occasionally). Then she started recruiting Monkeys for the Undead band. A number of musicians came and went, (Ronnie Marler, Karl Geisler, Rick Ellis, George Farrow, Pete Ward), though most consistently the band included Gymshoes and Hockinfinger.

Gymshoes is known for being a digital girl, with quite a few songs on her Gymshoes site. “Everest Sunrise” was featured in the documentary What It Takes. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita she released an EP of songs, A Tropical Depression, the profits of which go to benefit the American Red Cross. Gymshoes albums are available from iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. For more about Gymshoes music, please see Gymshoesmusic.com, which has liner notes, links to social media, streaming music, and much more. Her Undead songs are more like what she used to write before being seduced by the dark side of digital media. In fact, some of her Undead songs are songs she wrote long ago. She plays rhythm guitar and percussion, messes around with samples, and does field recording. She is best known for the books she writes as Ainy Rainwater. Her novels are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and other bookstores. She is presently working on a chick lit fantasy series as well as a number of side projects, including a sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships, a science fiction novel published in March 2016.

You can find the author on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (also as Gymshoes on Facebook). She occasionally contributes to the group food blog, The Usual Suspects, and posts short miscellaneous things on The Mighty Microblog.

A Truant Disposition is Ainy Rainwater’s official author site.

We rock the box.

21 July