Podcast Exposure


2 things,

  1. HOw do we feel about releasing music for podcasts? I talked to Tony from the homemade hit show this morninig. I have been featureed a few times on his podcast and he is looking forward to hearing from us.
  2. Are we ready to make a “Finished Songs ” Download page? I think we have 3 songs ready for our public. Waiting, Incondessant and Ninja girls. Mrs Green could go out as a male vocal but I am waiting for my cousin to get her act together.


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18 September

5 Responses to “Podcast Exposure”

  1. hockinfinger says:

    Is a Soundclick page for Undead Monkey an option? Free hosting, daily page and song play/download stats, ratings, etc…
    If you want to release them as we complete them, that would be fine with me.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Ok, I tweeked the ending of Waiting. There is one oth thing, We need to decide on a couple MP3 tags. I think we should use the windows media player to attatch tags so that everyone has the same options availible to them.
    Cover art for “Life and Death”… ideas?
    I tagged Waiting in the current mixes with some cover art.what ever we go with it should be able to scale down well for the mp3 players.

  3. Gymshoes says:

    I’m in favor of releasing songs for podcasts, as long as they are under the CC 2.5 at-nc-nd license. (Which is what archive.org allows, rather than Music Sharing though it the same thing, basically.)

    I’m thinking we’re almost ready to upload songs to archive.org. Ronnie, I thought you wanted Marty to touch up some hot spots on the vocal for “Incandescent”. ?? If not, then with the next full mix he uploads with that last adjustment he made to the ending, it’ll be finished as far as I’m concerned.

    Ninja Girls…did you add bits of the clack track to it? I really think the fight bit needs more of a clack sound than a click. Also, I’m still thinking about recording some additional vocalizations for the fight bit. I’ll do that later tonight. Maybe Hock’s wife can throw in some too. 😉

    Waiting For My Time I think is finished though listening to it this weekend on the stereo it sounds to me like you hit the “MY” just a tad too hard in the final line as it’s fading out. Maybe bring that word down just a smidgen. (That’s a technical term: smidgen. 😉 ) But, yeah, it’s finished. 🙂

    I just popped over to archive.org and got us an account. I’ll e-mail ya’ll the login info, so you can log in and upload songs as they are finished. I’m making up a Download page also. Empty, right now. But soon to have good stuff on it. 😀

  4. Gymshoes says:

    The problem I have with Soundclick is that only other registered Soundclick people can download the songs. I’ve never gotten any songs there. Archive.org is free hosting, also tracks downloads, rates them, has high visibility, rss feeds for new songs, reviews, and has the licensing option built in. Any one can download or stream from archive.org. I’ve asked the wordpress people about looking into partnering with them to put music players on wordpress.com. Haven’t heard anything back yet, though. I would only want to go with Soundclick if they allowed the specific licensing we want–and I’d still prefer archive.org. It’s a classy operation. 😉

  5. Gymshoes says:

    Do we want cover art of Life and Death or do we want cover art for individual songs?

    Tags: I’m big on using words/music (aka composer/ lyricist) tags. But besides that I think what everyone did on a track should also be dropped into comments ’cause there’s a lot more to making songs than lyrics and melody. 😀

    The post for Waiting has suggested tags for it.

    I’ve also posted suggested tags for Incandescent Life in it’s thread.

    If I missed something on either of these, please correct: it’s late and I’m tired…