Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

I just discovered by accident that one of our Monkeys had a birthday last week. (I tracked a referrer link back to your family blog, Ron.) 😀 Which day was it? Friday, Saturday? I’ve got a birthday coming up near the end of the month, myself. 🙂 Anyone know when Hock’s birthday is? Any chance we’ll be three-for-three on September birthdays?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ronnie! 🙂 (Just be happy I’m not singing it!) 😆


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19 September

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Ronnie!”

  1. hockinfinger says:

    Happy birthday Ronnie!

    No more birthdays for me. I’ll only say I’m an Aquarius.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Actually I turn 44 on Thursday

  3. Gymshoes says:

    The 21st? That’s exactly one week before my birthday! (I’ll be 48 on the 28th.) How are you going to celebrate? I’m getting together with a bunch of friends at my favorite pub on the 30th. You wanna come? 😀 It’s only about a thousand miles away. 😆

    With 2 birthdays within 7 days, we should start partying on your birthday and just continue through mine. 😉 We need to rechristen Marty with a September birthday and proclaim September Undead Birthday Month. Hey, Marty—pick a date within the next week or so and we’ll call it your birthday. 😉

  4. Ronnie says:

    Starting my birthday tonight after work. Going out to dinner with friends/bandmates. Then after dinner out to see Sir Elton John in concert. Then the 21st is just another day at work. 😛

  5. Gymshoes says:

    Excellent choice! 🙂 The 23rd also happens to be the 29th anniversary of my first date with the guy who became my husband. 🙂 (I only remember ’cause it was so close to my birthday.) In college, neither one of us had a car, so we walked 3 miles to the movie theater and saw Star Wars. 🙂

    Now I have one more reason to celebrate the 23rd: Marty’s Monkey Day! 😆 Hey, Hock, what’re you going to do to celebrate? 😀

    So guys, today we all wish Ronnie a happy birthday. We can start partying now, raise a toast to Hock on the 23rd, then continue the Monkey Madness through the end of the month (’cause though my b-day is the 28th, my party is the 30th.)

    I hereby declare September Official Undead Birthday Month. Happy Birthday to us all. 😀