Site reorg

For the past few days I’ve been working on reorganizing the site—in addition to implementing the new theme and header. (Thanks Marty!) Everything is still here! I’ve just consolidated things to make the site easier to navigate, less cluttered and better organized. Whereas before we had liner notes on both the Download page and on individual song pages, now we have all the liner notes for each project on a single page—and links on the Download page instead of reams of redundant text. The Download page was too long…and would have become unmanageable with many more songs added. Likewise, the sidebar was OK with only 4 or 5 songs listed, but what about when we’ve released a dozen—or two dozen? The reorg gives us room to grow. 😀 The Download page is now compact and concise, with everything you want hear/read listed and linked by project.

What about individual songs? Well, songs we’re working on will still be listed on the Ongoing Projects page and in the Undead blog. Any songs we release that aren’t yet assigned to some named project will get their own temporary page until we slot them into an album/project.

Look around the site, familiarize yourself with the new layout. We’ve got one more song on the Life And Death project that will be released this week. Look for new songs we’ll be working on to be posted here soon, too! 😀


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2 January