The State of the Undead Monkey

Since the band is taking on new people all at once, I thought I’d post a general message to my bandmates, with any luck covering everything they want to know in a mildly entertaining fashion. 🙂

Let’s see where we are right now: “Sellafield”—which was the final song for the previous project—was released the first week in January. Hock and I are finishing up “College Street” which needs vocal, possibly new effects and final mix. I’ve recorded vocals (because Marty told me to “sing the hell out of it”) but if they don’t work he may do them—or he may tag one of the new Monkeys. 🙂

George currently sort of in-between home studio spaces, having discombobulated his home studio and not quite yet being to the point of combobulating it again. (Something you new Monkeys will have to get used to: we make our own vocabulary.) 😉 In short, Liquid can still make noise, but probably not as much noise as he’ll be able to make in the future. Likewise, Buzz is a part-time Monkey ’cause he’s found himself in a real-life band and is also still in thrall to his new Harley. 😉 At some point we’ll all be up to full speed and the planets will align perfectly and we will rule the world by making beautiful noise all together and at full volume. 😉 In the meantime, do what you can whenever you can; encouragement and suggestions are always appreciated even if a particular song isn’t one you’re actively involved with. 🙂

Undead Monkey is a collaborative band. The idea was for me to have a band name under which I could make “real” music with lyrics and vocals (which most of my Gymshoes music doesn’t have). However, I’m not comfortable being the only one “writing” songs in Undead Monkey which is one of the reasons I’ve gathered this brilliant (or at the very least creative and twisted) group together. Another reason is that you all can sing and I don’t fancy hearing the sound of my own voice all that often (those of you who have on occasion been subjected to my scratch vocals are probably giving a hearty “Amen!”) 😉

I encourage you to upload any unfinished songs you have to the Undead server and post blog entries about them on the Undead Blog. Since the name of the person posting in the blog isn’t shown on the main page for the Undead Blog, check your name in the categories when you post a new project, so we’ll know who started the project! It’s also nice if you sign your posts. 🙂

Discussion and collaboration on the songs happens on the blog in the comments to song threads. Files aren’t linked; we just post the file name, and maybe the directory. Each song has its own directory, though there are also other directories such as FX, ooo-ahh, and Misc where assorted files are stored. FX is self-explanatory. “Oooo-Ahhh” was my Christmas present to Marty, (though all of you may want to dip into it), and Misc is where we’re dropping orphan tracks.

The Ongoing Projects page also has a running list of songs, fragments, and orphan tracks. You can edit the page to post your project name there as well.

Songs are released as they’re finished. The previous batch of songs had a project (aka “album”) name. I suppose after we’ve gotten a few more songs in the works that we’ll pull an album name out of the air and tag the next batch of songs as well. 😉 When finished the songs are tagged with credits, license, etc and uploaded to where they can be downloaded or streamed. Full credits are posted there. (And I do mean “full”: check out the credits for the Christmas message.) 😆 Full liner notes (in addition to credits) are posted on the Undead website.

About licensing: we use what I call the “don’t screw with the music” CC license. 😉 It requires attribution, allows no derivitives (that includes putting it to video), and the songs can only be used non-commercially. In short, downloading, listening and file sharing is OK, but nothing else is allowed without permission from the Monkey. allows us to tag every song or project with the appropriate license.

Browse the Undead Blog. If you have any questions just ask. 🙂 All of us collab well together and get on well together. Let’s make good music and have a good time! 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing what we come up with in 2007! 🙂


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31 January