Hello World

Hi!  I’m happy to be here, slow to start.  If you have any suggestions or requests to help get me started, fire away.


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5 March

One Response to “Hello World”

  1. Gymshoes says:

    Karl, neither Love, Grace, Lust nor Rocketship Heart have drums. The most recent mix of LGL is LGL_extra2.mp3 which is a partial Marty mix with a scratch vocal.

    Rocketship Heart hasn’t had anything much done to it. (I don’t know if it’s the “kiddie” lyrics or the waltz time that’s keeping the Undead away.) 😉 Rocketship-scratch-vox has a monotonous percussion loop behind it to keep me on beat, but I never intended it to be used. See the most recent comment for the most recent vox.

    There are also some orphan drum tracks in the Miscellaneous dir. You may find the crazy energy of the drum fills in “Wild Drums” amusing. 😆 I just can’t let go of this for some reason. Give a listen to the two slap bass tests I did and let me know what you think about how they work with the drums. 🙂

    Good to have you among the Undead. 🙂