The nomadic Undead Monkey

To our fans: This past week I fixed up a forum for the band in the password-protected directory where our in-progress music resides. We all met collab’in’ on a discussion board and in many ways a forum is better suited for discussion than a blog. The Undead are slowly migrating over to it and we’ll see how that works. We’re not abandoning the Undead blog, but post content may gradually move away from nuts-n-bolts discussions of tracks in which no one but us knows what we’re talking about. 😆 If/when song development moves to the forum, the blog posts here may become more accessible to the general public. 😀 There’s plenty of things we can blog about, besides whether a track you’ve never heard should be changed to another key. 😉

It’s my hope that the forum will improve the flow of communication for the band as we develop songs together, and also free up the Undead blog portion of this site for a broader range of posts that Friends of the Undead will enjoy. 🙂 (And if the forum idea fizzles, we can always come back to babbling bafflingly in this blog.) 😆


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18 April