The Undead Days of Summer

A couple of people have asked me about new music and how/what the Undead are doing. It’s been a busy summer. I apologize for not updating this blog more often. We had our second online band meeting in our chatroom last week. The Undead have had their hands full lately. In the spring two of us physically moved their home studios. Then this summer I’ve had computer problems…and I’ve moved my Gymshoes site from .us to Meanwhile Hockinfinger and his computer are in another part of the country quietly melting. 😯 Almost literally, as the air conditioner in the new studio space has proven not up to the task. Well, you say, fall should see cooler temps and the Undead in better shape. Unfortunately, Geisler’s going on hiatus from the Undead this fall. 🙁 We’ve got six unfinished songs…one so close to being finished it’s insane. Song development sometimes moves amazingly fast, sometimes turtle-slow—often both with a single song. There are some songs that if the planets align and we sacrifice a banana to the full moon could be finished within days—but probably won’t because we’ve eaten all the bananas. 😉 New songs are coming, I just can’t say when. The Undead move (and melt) in mysterious ways. 😉


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27 August