The Last Hurrah Of The Undead Monkey

The Monkey has been comatose and appears to have quietly died in its sleep over the past several months. So, we’re pulling the plug—it would be better to DNR (do not resuscitate) rather than try to shock the Monkey back to life at this point. The Undead Monkey is Dead.

We are, however, all still out there making music in an assortment of ways with an assortment of other musicians.:-D This is part of the reason for the death of the Monkey: band members who had no time for the Monkey last year will again have no time this year and band members with little time for the Monkey last year will have less time this year.

Posthumous Music: Although the Undead Monkey is now Dead, there is the possibility that new music could still be released from Undead Monkey at some point in the future because some unfinished songs need so little to be completed. If that happens you’ll read about it here because this blog will remain for the foreseeable future.:-) All music will continue to be available from

Resurrection and Reincarnation: Hockinfinger allows as how the Monkey might possibly be resurrected in the future and Gymshoes thinks that it could be reincarnated with a new name. The Monkey was, after all, Undead to begin with so anything is possible.;-) This blog will keep a finger on the Undead pulse and any sign of resurrection or reincarnation (or posthumous music) will be posted here.:-)

Gymshoes and Hockinfinger

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22 January