Resurrection and Reincarnation

Yes, that’s right the Undead have reawakened, sort of. I started this band as an outlet for doing non-Gymshoes music with other musicians. The internet band thing didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped; the ever-changing assortment of musicians kept drifting away due to lack of time, so I decided to pull the plug on the band rather than continue to replace musicians. I’m still writing songs though, and there were quite a few that the Undead never recorded.

Recently I’ve been working on putting together a live local band. As part of this process I’m registering and placing ads with various online resources. Most places the options are to register either as “musician seeking band” or “band seeking musician”. Since I’m forming a band rather than looking to join one—and since I can’t think of any other cool band name, I’m using the Undead Monkey name. Which is appropriate since I started UM as a band for my non-electronica, and since the new band will be doing what is—or would have been—the Undead songbook.

Though the new band will be formed under the Undead name, after we’ve gelled and the lineup is solid I expect we’ll come up with a new name.

Check back here for more on the band formation process. I’ll be posting ads, ideas, and updates periodically. 😀


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12 June