Moving the blog

Though we’ve had a domain name for a while, the blog hasn’t actually been located here. The content has been hosted by, which is where the blog started. I framed the wordpress blog to tie it to the domain a year or so ago. Now I’ve moved everything to the domain site, having exported/imported what’s there to here. If you followed this on a feed before today, your feed will go dead when I delete this blog from—which I will do after I’ve looked everything over carefully, and made sure I didn’t leave behind anything important. So you’ll need to re-add it to your feedreader from here. Sorry for the inconvenience; it’s just another step in in making Undead Monkey more undead. 🙂

The appearance of the site will change in the next week or so depending on how much time I have to fix up the theme I want to use and I’ll probably try out a few themes along the way.

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9 March

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