Undead Monkey began as an internet band. We not only released the music online, but also created the music collaboratively online from widely disparate geographic areas. Our music is eclectic. You never know what the next song will sound like. 🙂 You can stream our music from here, or download it. You can also hear our music and contact us at: Undead at myspace. 😀

Gymshoes, who founded the band and is the primary songwriter, began working on forming a new version of the band based on the Undead songbook in the summer of ’08. (The internet version of the band disbanded in January ’08 due to lack of time of various band members.) The new band will be live and local. We expect the band formation process to take some time, please check the Undead blog for more information.

The Undead Monkey thanks you for your support. 🙂

23 September