Halloween Hamlet (Undead Mix)

Another Undead release just in time for Halloween….Halloween Hamlet is a little piece of Halloween fun Gymshoes and Hockinfinger did last year. Now remixed with new effects and released as an Undead Monkey track. See Download page for link, credits, and licensing info.

Happy Halloween from Undead Monkey!

Gymshoes, Ronnie, Hockinfinger

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28 October

Podcast Exposure


2 things,

  1. HOw do we feel about releasing music for podcasts? I talked to Tony from the homemade hit show this morninig. I have been featureed a few times on his podcast and he is looking forward to hearing from us.
  2. Are we ready to make a “Finished Songs ” Download page? I think we have 3 songs ready for our public. Waiting, Incondessant and Ninja girls. Mrs Green could go out as a male vocal but I am waiting for my cousin to get her act together.


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18 September

Undead Ware


Ok so I was board so I designed a T-Shirt
Undead Cafepress

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30 August